Rapidly Flip a Religious Trauma Thinking-Feeling Loop!

Stevie Noah
2 min readMay 15, 2022

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Want to Rapidly Flip a Religious Trauma Thinking-Feeling Loop?

Read on…

Religions require their followers to be in constant communication with their God. They also insist that the believer is ALWAYS being watched and listened to by this deity, thus causing the believer to consistently judge themselves on everything they think, do or say.

After years of consistent self-judgment, the believer creates a habit of negative self-checking which can turn into OCD like behaviour. This worrisome thinking-feeling loop becomes a habit and the believer (who’s only human, bound to make mistakes) gets accustomed to feeling BAD about who they are at a core level.

Is this you?

After leaving religion you might find yourself still practising this behaviour not only towards yourself but towards others keeping you stuck in what I call ‘below the line’ behaviour. And if you choose to keep doing that, you’ll stay stuck or oscillating in various areas of your life forever.

No thanks!

So how do you change this habit?

2 steps will quickly help you be able to change this:

#1 Observe that behaviour. Once you’re observing it vs. judging it, you’re no longer stuck in the pattern.

#2 Ask yourself this question — What is the positive intention behind this?

The survival brain created this habit out of fear, to keep you safe. And once you realise it’s doing something good for you, it flips the negative thinking-feeling loop, breaks the habit and allows you to flood your nervous system with above-the-line feelings.

Listen to the accompanying audio/video to hear more.

Religious trauma makes your nervous system act in ways that are self-protective, ALL trauma does. But you have more control over it than you think…

IF you know how to use the many tools your body-mind has to re-create habits.

Do you want to learn more about the thinking-feeling go here https://stevienoah.com/part-4-demystifying-religious-trauma-syndrome/

You can change this pattern…because after all, that’s what it is, a pattern locked into your body-mind system. A pattern you may hate, but unfortunately can get addicted to.

If you’d like help with that you can get my FREE course Recognise, Release, Rehearse anywhere on my website.

If you’d like to work with me one-on-one to powerfully and rapidly release behaviours, triggers or patterns related to religious trauma and move forward to create a life you LOVE, go HERE.

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Remember to choose a life you love!

Remember to be the predominant creator in your life!

Remember to live your true nature and purpose!

Choose to be a creator, not an obeyer!

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