Religious Trauma Making You Feel Like You’re Always in Trouble?

Stevie Noah
3 min readMay 3, 2022

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Do you always feel like you’re in trouble?

Do you always feel like someone is watching you?

Guess what…YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

Like literally & figuratively…

Literally; everyone I’ve talked to with religious trauma has had this feeling from time to time.

However, some of us (myself included) have let it consume our thoughts and allowed the feelings of FEAR to take over causing all sorts of unneeded stress or thinking-feeling loops of ‘wrongness’ so we could stay powerless and stuck.

Figuratively; you’re never alone because you always have access to your innate intelligence, intuition and a connection to every other human being in the world through THE FIELD, but more on that another day.

You see, when you’re nervous system is trained to believe that God, Satan, your parents and even Santa Clause are watching you.

Watching EVERYTHING YOU DO and judging the shit of it…ready to punish you…

Like the wicked witch of the West “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too!”

You’ve been trained to feel that way.

Your nervous system is stuck in hypervigilance.

It’s trying to judge you before someone else hurts you…

It’s no wonder you feel like you’re being watched!

Believe me, you didn’t come into the world feeling that. In fact, as a baby, you LOVED being watched:)

It excited and delighted you to have that kind of attention!

However, religious indoctrination took hold and flipped that switch. So guess what’s showing up now?


Through your life experiences and beliefs, your survival brain was trained to fear being watched and associate with something outside of you, that you have absolutely NO control over.


Nowadays it goes on HIGH alert for danger and punishment because it wants you to be safe.

You project the feelings of someone/something watching you and then manifest experiences like; weird sounds or seeing something out of the corner of your eye to reinforce your beliefs.

Look, I’m not saying weird things don’t happen.

I’m just saying if these weird things ALWAYS feel;

  • scary
  • concerning
  • judgemental
  • evil

You might want to consider that your well-trained mind just might be making it up and that it’s addicted to feeling BAD!

I mean, have you ever asked yourself why good feelings don’t show up when you’re ‘being watched?’

Humm…made you think didn’t I?

So how do you start retraining your nervous system to chill the fuck out and enjoy your day w/o the feeling of being watched?

Start with this:

  1. Each time you feel you’re being watched don’t buy into it. Break your pattern and your trance by asking yourself a question.
  2. Ask yourself “Am I truly doing anything wrong at this moment?” (unless you’re murdering or violating someone, the answer is usually NO)
  3. Okay then, “what is the positive intention behind this?”

You see, no matter what you believe or how your system reacts at that moment, it’s doing ‘that thing’ to keep you safe.

If you want to hear more about it I recommend you listen to the accompanying audio with this info. But the point is you have to catch it in the moment and then FLIP your pattern to feel powerful, safe and positive.

And if you look for the positive intention behind the reason you’re doing it, it will help break this feeling quickly!

You can change this pattern…because after all, that’s what it is, a pattern locked into your body-mind system.

A pattern you may hate, but you can, unfortunately, get addicted to it.

If you’d like help with that you can get my FREE course Recognise, Release, Rehearse anywhere on my website.

If you’d like to work with me one-on-one to powerfully and rapidly release behaviours, triggers or patterns related to religious trauma and move forward to create a life you LOVE, go HERE.

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Remember to choose a life you love!

Remember to be the predominant creator in your life!

Remember to live your true nature and purpose!

Choose to be a creator, not an obeyer!

Stevie xo







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