Spiritual & Demonic Nightmares from Religious Trauma

  • It’s all my fault this is happening to me because I’m a bad girl.
  • Why can’t I be better?
  • There’s something wrong with me, I’m cursed.
  • God hates me so he’s punishing me.
  • The Devil has me because I’m just born a bad person.
  • I’ll never please God, I’m a piece of shit human.
  1. The brain system is trying to do what it does during REM sleep and close the trauma or hypervigilance loop to heal me.
  2. Lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis.
  3. The beliefs I was taught to believe in about demons/Devil.



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Stevie Noah

Stevie Noah

I help religious trauma & cult survivors overcome chronic patterns of unworthiness, fear, guilt, and shame so they can reinvent their life w/o years of therapy