Your Religious Trauma Memories Are NOT Real — SAY WHAT?!

Stevie Noah
3 min readMay 17, 2022

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Yeah, you heard me…

Your Religious Trauma Memories Are NOT Real!

But before you reach through the screen to strangle me whilst telling me to GO TO HELL because what you experienced was more than real…it was abusive…

Remember this;

I went through it, I know how you feel and I’m not here to make you feel bad for living with the aftermath of that abuse.

I’m just here to help you understand HOW to get your nervous system works so you can your LIFE BACK!

Get this;

Every single one of us has a brain that deletes, distorts and generalises anything that’s ever happened to us.

Our brains have MILLIONS of bits of data to sort out every second of the day. And it’s very important for our entire system to sort the data into what is important (in the moment) and what isn’t.

So if you’re in the middle of telling goodie-toe-shoes Tommy that you’ve got CPTDS from religious trauma and you’re no longer going to attend church on Sunday — and he’s giving you an earful of his fears about you leaving and going to Hell…

Your brain is doing this;

  • The wind is blowing outside, but it’s not important to your survival…BOOM — it gets placed in the ‘delete file’ in a split-second.
  • Tommy’s voice sounds different, there’s fear in it…BOOM — it distorts the voice and makes him sound EXTRA judgy (maybe like someone in your past).
  • You feel pressured and feel like you’re being attacked…BOOM, it generalises it into the ‘I must defend myself NOW’ file!

Later when someone asks you what Tommy wanted to talk about…

You remember the conversation and feel anxious, argumentative and angry that Tommy was attacking you.

But if someone asked Tommy, he might say, “well, it was a good conversation, I expressed my concern, but I think it went pretty well overall.”

Deleting, distorting and generalizing is why 2 people can see the same car wreck, at the same time, from the same angle, and have 2 completely different stories about it.

Go ahead and listen to the accompanying audio.

It’s why I was so personally affected by religious trauma and my siblings seem fine.

I’m not saying what happened to you was fair.

I’m not saying what they did or taught you was right. Deleting, distorting and generalising abusive behaviour does not excuse it.


What it does give you is the permission to change the memories into something that is more empowering.

Making the memory into something that serves you vs. you serving the memory.

You can change this pattern…because after all, that’s what it is, a pattern locked into your body-mind system.

Let me know how this article resonates with you in the comments below!

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Remember to choose a life you love!

Remember to be the predominant creator in your life!

Remember to live your true nature and purpose!

Choose to be a creator, not an obeyer!

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